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Denzikh, a word at once referring to a fleet, a city, a nation, a way of life and a decrepit First Age shiphull. Although that last fact is not known to many outside of the fleet.

Also called the City of a Thousand Sails, the Merchant announces it’s presence to a harbour by dominating the horizon with sails. As the Sails come close, the merchants of whatever city the fleet
When the Denzik City-Ship approaches a port, what seems at first a vague smudge on the horizon soon swells into a panorama as large as an island.
It’s a flotilla of hundreds of enormous custom-built sailing junks lashed together for stability, each broad enough to encompass a marketplace on its upper deck, and deep-drafted enough to hold many lower decks packed with living quarters, storerooms, teahouses, whorehouses, gambling dens, and shrines. Together they form a floating city, a harbour equal to any coastal port, to which lesser vessels can moor.

When away from any harbor, the city is split among different isles to better nagivate the currents. When sailing most of the fleet consists of seperate ships, being lashed together only in port.
The biggest ‘Isle’ in the Denzik fleet is centered around an ever floating hulk of what resembles a cargo but of dimensions undreamt of by shipbuilders of this age.

The flotilla is nothing sort of a floating metropoli, a wonder of engineering in the Fallen Age.
Hundreds of ships, all connected by sturdy rope, thick cables and iron chains, the Denzik City-Ship sails a year-long journey circuit through both the distant West, but also both Southern and Blessed Shores.

  • On board, there shall be no killing, as blood is for the shore and the sharks.
  • There shall be no fire of heart nor craft, lest you are trusted with such a task.
  • Aboard, no man, woman or child is beholden to the chains of slavery, for such things are an abomination to will and freedom.
  • No action may be taken to endanger the Flotilla.
  • Where the dead follow, the ship shall not sail.
    These are enforced by the Clans and the Families, organizations that each either are beholden to a craft or a larger Alliance.

A clan, family, conglomorate represents the people onboard a ship. The actual bond the people that own or live on a ship have can vary, but the accepted names are family and to a lesser degree clan.

Each family is part of a larger clan


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