Sailing the Winds of Destiny

Setting Sail

It all starts off with a certain invitation sent by one Adamant Azon to several people of skill and standing in the Denzik fleet.

For various reasons, our heroes are invited. Curious as to the reason of this invitation, they each look into the reasons of this invitation. Adamant Azon has had good deal of success exploring tombs, ruins and dungeons in the East. Word has spread that the invitation is to a party for the celebration of the culmination of his life’s work and the announcement of the project involved in that.

The invitees had all been selected as people of great personal skill, knowledge or connections. In a closed meeting only for the invitees, Adamant Azon, helped by an artifact capable of showing messages, reveals that he is a Scavenger Lord from the East. He has made a fortune by finding and selling relics from ages gone by, risking his life and that of the others for riches. He further reveals there was one thing he had be looking for, during all of his career. Decades long he has been persuing something dubbed “the Treasures of Humanity”. Said to be made in a time before the Anathema were a plague upon humanity, before the blessed incarnations of the Immaculate Dragons saved humanity from the Anathema.

These relics or whatever form they might take were last noted as being held in a Vault or Tomb lost or left behind in the seas.

The Tournament of the Tomb, was held to satisfy pressure from the brotherhoods, to be involved. Even though they already held invites to the exploratory parties of the Tomb, the Heroes participated in the tournament. Flourishing pine and Ivory Songsmith were quickly eliminated. The two remaining heroes made it to the final 8. The final 8 remaining fighters would be able to negotiate a contract on better therms than others.

The day after the tournament something strange happened. The denzik cityfleet, anchored in the middle of the sea, had an outburst of jungle vines creeping out from underneath it.
The heroes were unable to immediatly find a satisfactory explanation. A specific unit of the Wooden roots was organised to gather the any sample and keep the info limited until a clear cause was known.
Most of the volunteers and the top 8 of the tournament received an invitation from a certain Black Spear, head of security for Adamant Azon.
A rough person, the meeting quickly devolved into Black Spear listing a number of dangers that were possibly found in a tomb of that age. He claimed to do so, purely out of an effort to warn people off, as it was a lethal environment. Drinking continued into the evening, and the present warriors quickly resorted to sharing tales of battle and adventures.



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